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tv   CNN Newsroom With John Berman and Poppy Harlow  CNN  April 26, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm poppy harlow. paul ryan will speak and it's the first time we've heard from him since they were in recess and the white house promised what will be the biggest tax cut and tax reform this countries had the ever seen, ever, ever, ever. >> so how will the speaker respond and here is in a better
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way than nancy pelosi, we are waiting to hear from the house democratic leader as well. >> steve mnuchin offered a first look at this parts of the white house tax proposal. >> this is going to be the biggest tax cut and the largest tax reform in the history of our country, and we are committed to seeing this through. >> in the history of this country which should make it a very big tax cut. we are joined by cnn's phil mattingly who was at that speech. what are you learning? >> he's not wrong. if you look at the proposal of what the white house is putting out today. it's principles and not a fully flushed out plan, but those principles would make dramatic changes to the tax code particularly on the corporate side. what they're looking to drop the corporate rate from 35% down to 15% and also dropping the rate for pass-throughs which is mostly made up of small businesses and the majority of small businesses in the country
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from 39% to 15%. that is a dramatic change, but it's also an expensive one. that would add up to $4 trillion and that number alone creates major problems here on capitol hill, but the administration notes two things. this is a starting point and their goal is growth. take a listen at what the secretary had to say. >> the difference between 1.6, 1.8 and 3% gdp is staggering. it's trillions of dollars of revenues. it's tons of jobs. this bill is about creating economic growth and jobs and you're right, we should call this the 2017 tax reform for economic growth and jobs to make america great again. i just named them. >> not quite sure that name is going to stick. it's a little catchy and somewhat long. there also will be a significant increase in the individual standard deduction, but for the most part the focus is on the corporate side. again, this is the initial part
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of the game. this is the administration putting their stamp on something and it would already have major problems on capitol hill. as you noted, john, it goes against what we heard from speaker paul ryan and they're laying their cards on the table to start and it gets kicked off today. >> on top of taxes, some movement, it seems like, phil on health care. is it for real, real this time? >> the 3.0 version of this is all coming to a head again. as we speak right before speaker ryan comes out to his press conference, members were in a meeting and the entire house republican congress, part of the meeting was being briefed on the latest proposal and the changes that happened over the two-week recess trying to make the bill more politically palatable for conservatives and not lose too many moderates. the text was released last night. members are trying to get a sense of where they stand on this. the outside conservative groups that have played such a huge
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role in this, they are coming onboard and now all eyes have turned to the moderates and over the course of the next 24 to 48 hours house aides will try to get the temperature of the conference, try and see where the votes are and go to those individuals who were no before and see if they can swing them over and go to those that lean yes and know this isn't going to hurt. if they are able to get the votes, i'm told next week could be as soon as they operate on this, but guys, be cautious on this. we've seen this movie multiple times before. this is a very, very difficult needle to thread here. they're not sure they've done it yet, but they at least have a new proposal and something they're trying to once again get towards completion at least in the house over the course of the next couple of days, guys. >> phil mattingly for us. a new challenge from paul ryan as we wait to hear on the new health care deal and the new tax cut proposal and we are joined by matt lewis and senior columnist for the daily beast and hillary rosen, a cnn political commentator as well and matt lewis, you are here and get the first question.
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paul ryan about to speak and waiting to see what he says. paul ryan is a guy that likes tax cuts. let's establish that first and foremost, however, he's the guy that will have to get the biggest tax cut in the history of mankind through the house of raptives. what what's the challenge? wait, let's hear from him. >> good morning. since president trump took office this congress has sent 29 bills to his desk. that is the most for a president's first hundred days in office since 1949. nearly half of these measures are measures to take excessive regulations off the book so we can grow this economy. after years of workers and industries bracing for the next regulatory onslaught, all of the unpredictability that has been coming with that, we are providing relief for energy jobs, for small businesses and retirees. it has been an estimated that the steps we have taken with this administration will save
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families and businesses more than $67 billion. that is real relief and that promotes real economic growth. we've been trying to cut red tape for years and now it's finally happening at record levels. also to promote job creation, the president has signed bills making it easier for women to pursue s.t.e.m. careers. the president signed a bill out of pocket costs and to take steps toward fundamental va reform very much in need. we are going to keep building on this record. right now we're working on a government funding bill that addresses some of the country's core priorities including strengthening our national defense. last week i was in europe visiting some of our key nato allies and across the board allies are ready to see america step up and lead again. a big part of that is rebuilding our military which is something that we're in the middle of doing right now. we're also working to fix our tax code. today the administration will outline its principles for pro-growth tax reform which is a
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critical step. pro-growth tax reform means we will have lower rates and a simpler tax code with fewer brackets and we'll have an irs that exists only to serve the taxpayer and we will continue to work to keep our promise to repeal and replace obamacare so that we can lower costs and create more choices for families. we have undertaken some very big reforms to tackle entrenched problems and there is a lot of work left to do, but under the president's leadership this unified government has made a solid start. thank you. >> good morning. welcome back to many of you. as the speaker has talked about the bills that moved to the president's desk prior to this congress only one congressional review act made it to the president's desk and been signed. we have passed 15 and 13 of those have been signed into law to create one job creation and to bring common sense regulation back to this country. some of the actions that we're taking and building on just today, i know many of you
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watched last night the swearing in of a new member of congress, ron estes from kansas. also we'll take up one from copyright position, a very important position to have over at the library of congress focusing on the future of copyrights and others and we'll vote on that today. tomorrow we'll take up about freddie and fannie. freddie and fannie are exempt from the freedom of information act and more transparency for government and we'll pass a bill to make sure they're no longer exempt from foya and that anyone can get information dealing with fannie and freddie as we move forward. we'll make sure our military men and women have everything they need to protect this country and making this world safe. i will tell you, walking out of this conference i see great movement when it comes to health care and we'll continue to make sure we keep our promise to repeal and replace obamacare to make sure insurance costs are lower and people are protected from pre-existing conditions.
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>> the last two weeks have been really good for members to go back to their districts and again, hear from and talk to the people that actually elected us so that we can continue working for the american people to follow through on the things that are important to them like getting the economy back on track, like getting the federal government out of the way in so many areas of their lives where people are hurting. one of those areas that government has been making it harder for families is obamacare with double digit increases every year with premiums with $10,000, $12,000 deductibles with health care. over the last two weeks we've been working very closely with our colleagues all across the country to continue making progress and making sure that we're not giving up on the ultimate objective of repealing and replacing obamacare and the good news is a lot of really good progress has been made during the last two weeks and a lot more members are focused on
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getting to where we sneneed to and we're not going to stop working and i've been really encouraged to see the kind the of commitment that president trump had on following through on the promises he made to the american people and getting our economy back and getting rid of regulations that are killing jobs in america. if you look at what's already happened and we're not even at day 100 and i know a lot of people write about what the first hundred days have been like. the good news is a lot of really good things have happened in the first hundred days and there are still more things that are good and set to happen, but you look at the economy. over 500,000 new jobs have been created in the first hundred days and the president set a tone in helping create more jobs including signing 13 different pieces of legislation into law that reverse bad regulations that were killing jobs in america, low pressuring rebuild the coal industry, helping getting some of these other
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federal agencies off of the backs of american workers, signing and green lighting the keystone pipeline. president trump with that one action of green lighting the keystone pipeline created tens of thousands of good jobs and helped create energy security and on foreign policy president trump has followed through so many commitments, number one, just making sure that we're enforcing our laws and securing the border. illegal border crossing is down 60%. just upholding america's rule of law and also working with our allies. as you talk to nato allies and like the speaker i was able to go and meet with some of our nato allies and president trump has encouraged our nato allies to get up to the 2% level of gdp spending so that not only is america contributing to nato and so are the countries in europe and they've done that, and you're seeing positive results there, too, and so i think you see a more cohesive working with our allies again to follow through on those promises that have been made and to create more jobs and to get our economy
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moving again and we'll continue working with this president to get america moving again. >> it's always important to time in your district and listening to people and hearing their concerns and it was great to have an extended time to do that and overall people do want to see results. they see this as an exciting opportunity to really re-think this government from top to bottom and they also recognize that we must get this economy growing. we must create jobs and we must get to unleash innovation that has been suffocating our economy. as i listened and traveled around eastern washington and i held a number of coffees with kathy and talking about infrastructure and health care. people see this as an opportunity for us to think big, get the results and i come back reenergized because of that. i am committed to making a
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difference for them using this as an opportunity to really do the big things that the people want to see us done. >> does anybody have any questions? [ inaudible question ] >> first, are you committed to the reconciliation for tax reform, and i also wanted to ask about the choice act and if there was going to be a markup? and when you think you could bring that? >> i'll defer to kevin. >> reconciliation is regular ordered and that's the regular budgeting process. >> but we want to look at every avenue and that's the preferred process. we think that's the most logical process to bring tax reform through. >> the chairman is marking it up. >> once we markup the bill we want to move as quickly as possible and that's basically the schedule. casey? >> is the white house overstepping their bounds here on tax reform? >> no, not at all. >> is that partly because of the
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failure of health care? >> no, no. we've been -- this is something we've been talking to them all along and we had a good meeting yesterday and the house and ways and means in the white house will work regularly to make sure we get together a bill that's unified and we've been briefed on what they're going to do and it's basically a long -- and you see this as progress being made showing we're moving and getting on the same page -- let's do that again. wow! that was very interesting. so no, we see this as a good thing. >> does macarthur get to 216? >> so tom macarthur, one of the leaders of the tuesday group also has a lot of experience in insurance, knows insurance marks inside and out and worked in high-risk pool settings. so we think the macarthur amendment is a great way to lower premiums, give states more flexibility while protecting people with pre-exists
7:15 am
conditions. those are the three things we want to achieve. you have to remember, obamacare is collapsing and people are getting hit with double-digit premium increases. whatever we have to do to get the premiums down and make sure that the guarantee is met, but give states, every state is a little different. we have a high-risk pool in wisconsin that's doing well and we have the risk share pool in maine and we want to give them the ability to customize the reforms to maximize the ability to lower premiums and protect people with pre-existing conditions and that is at the heart of what the macarthur amendment does and that helps with the consensus. >> blurting out. i'm just not going to do it. [ inaudible question ] >> we are getting really close and the administration, omb along with appropriators are down to the final things. i think we're making good progress. obviously csrs are not doing that. that's not in the appropriation
7:16 am
bill. that's something separate than the administration is and we're very close to everything else and it's getting down to the final details. >> that's not our intention or goal. we want to get this done on time. that's our plan. thanks, everybody. >> we'll see. you've been watching the republican house leadership there including house speaker paul ryan about what is the first successful hundred days even though we're not there quite yet, but that seemed to be the whole goal of this news conference to say look, look at everything we've done. >> words out of paul ryan's mouth. look at what we've sent to the president's desk. >> very, very interesting. matt lewis, ben ferguson and hillary rosen back with us. the message they wanted to send is we are getting things done and in paul ryan's head, i have a lot to do because i'm the guy that has to get through the president's tax plan and the health care bill and not to mention get the government
7:17 am
funded after friday night. >> i expected this to be more detail on the tax plan and healthcare plan. it seemed like this was more of a political press conference where they're trying to set the agenda which says it's been a successful 100 days and they're talking about things like the congressional review act and not just health care and not just taxes and it makes me -- obviously, donald trump has a vested interest in making sure the first hundred days are deemed successful, but it seems to me they may be under some pressure, as well and they were just on recess. >> my assumption is that they're hearing from their constituents and they're not happy and they want to set the media narrative that they've gotten some stuff done. >> even though the president says it's ridiculous in marty savidge's piece from across the states that some of the president's supporters want to see more action on taxes, specifically, ben ferguson, paul ryan was asked is the white
7:18 am
house overstepping here and promising the largest tax cuts and tax reform in history. he brought it up and said absolutely not. he said they're in lockstep with the white house on this one. paul ryan hates debt and deficits and unless he knows something that we don't know there is nothing yet to pay for this. >> well, i think there are two things here. one, this is a starting point in negotiations and two, it helps you get a lot of momentum because there's a lot of members of congress that would love to go back to their districts after they just heard so much heat on obamacare and not repealing and replacing saying, hey, we'll give tax relief to small business owners pass through taxes and we'll get a change for those that have the small businesses and also the corporate taxes to help grow american jobs here. that's a very popular talking point when you go back home. it's also one easy to sell to the american people. we want you to keep your hard-earned money and most americans are going to love that. when he says hey, this is not
7:19 am
overstepping. i think a great negotiating starting point and this is also a lot difference than how they rolled out obamacare putting out an arbitrary deadline saying they've got to do it in 17 days and this is an objective they're trying to get done here and they're using a different strategy and get people -- because, look, there are a lot of congressmen i talked to last week. they took a lot of heat when they went back to their districts for not getting enough done on bmwcare reform and that's probably the reason request you're seeing them talk about this in an optimistic manner. there's more of an appetite for now because their constituents are furious with the republicans. >> matt was speculating that maybe that was the reason we saw this pretty 100-day victory that maybe the voters weren't seeing right there. >> hillary rosen, democrats might be in this unique position to now be the party most concerned with debts and deficits. we will hear from the democratic house leader shortly and it may
7:20 am
be the first time that they'll talk about fiscal responsibility and how can you do this? this will blow a hole in the deficit. is that a fruitful path for them? >> let's be clear. voters aren't many because they're not really see anything results here. despite sort of the gop spin, the job members are lower than they've ever been during the obama term. the approval rating of the president and the congress is as low as it's ever been, and so they do have a fairly high threshold here to convince people that, you know, taking this much power is worth it. >> look, i'm all for tax reform and i even like tax cuts, but i think that what we'll hear from democrats is you cannot spend $3 trillion or $4 trillion in taxes which, let's be clear, that's what tax cuts are and it's spending through the tax code and not take responsibility for that when you are going to cut women and children nutrition
7:21 am
programs and housing for the elderly and other programs that are really a safety net for poor people and democrats and working people and democrats will be very aggressive in reminding people that these are the priorities of the trump administration and the republican congress. >> you know, i've got to jump in there because this is -- let me just say this is going to be a very tough sell. fehr mongering and going out there and saying old people are not going to get food. >> first of all, you haven't even seen the entire tax bill, it's irresponsible. >> let me finish what i was going to say. people are going to somehow lose these things when you haven't even seen the data yet. the second thing is this, if you walk out to the american people and you say to them we want you to have more of your own money. 90% of americans have to buy software to do their taxes or b, hire a cpa and we're trying to make it more simplistic for you
7:22 am
so you don't have to waste money on those things by a complicated tax code, they're going to like that and the fearmongering side of that is absurd. >> let's be clear about something. this is not whether or not tax reform is necessary. it's about who benefits from tax reform? so ben talking about 90% of the people in this country feeling better about their taxes, that is not where it looks like the white house is emphasizing this. the republicans and congress have a chance to make that case. >> we don't have -- i hear you both. we don't have the plan. we don't have the details as ben pointed out. we will, hopefully, at 1:30 today when they make more of an announcement, but we don't yet. matt lewis to you. something ben said, this is the jobs president. this is the guy that promised the american people he would put them back to work for better paying jobs. ben is saying if you have these tax cuts and tax reform that will be the net outcome. these companies will hire more. history has never shown us that that has been the result.
7:23 am
2004 tax holiday not at all the result. should there be something in here that mandates that these companies if they get 15% have to use x amount to hire? >> i don't think so. obviously, there is a chance that you give corporations tax cuts and they pass that on to shareholders. >> it's what happened last time. >> america has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world and if you count state and local taxes -- >> it's about -- this is the problem. the dynamic scoring is impossible for us to predict. i think it makes perfect sense that people are more likely to have businesses that stay in america if we have a more competitive tax rate. >> all right. matt lewis, ben ferguson, hillary rosen, this discussion will continue because i don't think a tax cut is coming today. see you in the supreme court. this morning president trump lashed out at the federal judge, just the latest federal judge to get in the way of one of his
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daily life a guessing game. will i have pain and bloating today? my doctor recommended ibgard to manage my ibs. take control. ask your doctor about nonprescription ibgard. president trump this morning on twitter unleashing once again against another judge, this after part of his effort to strip federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities was blocked. >> this is what he wrote. first the ninth circuit rules against the ban and it hits sanctuary cities. both ridiculous rulings. see you in the supreme court. it wasn't the 9th circuit judge who ruled against safrnthiary cities. joe johns is at the white house with the response. >> i'm glad you made the point about the 9th circuit. that's absolutely right. this has just been a drumbeat of
7:29 am
outrage out of the white house starting with white house aides last night and the president on twitter. this kind of language plays great to the political base of president trump, but not necessarily so much for lawyers who have to handle this ongoing litigation as the administration goes after judges, the judicial system in courts. we have a statement i'd like to put up for you that gives you some idea of what they were talking about last night. >> the rule of law suffered another blow as an unelected judge unilaterally rewrote immigration policy for our nation. city officials who authored these policies have the blood of dead americans on their hands. we are confident they will ultimately prevail in the supreme court justice and we will prevail in our lawful effort to impose immigration restrictions necessary to keep terrorists out. >> meanwhile, on the other side of this case his ruling was welcomed, even praised by the likes of the mayor of los angeles. listen.
7:30 am
>> unconstitutional political threats against our cities, cannot take away our rights and they certainly can't steal our tax dollars. >> so one thing seems clear. the administration is planning to appeal. they say this ruling out on the west coast will be overturned eventually. if not, it goes all of the way to the supreme court and that's where they predict they'll win in the end. back to you, john and poppy. >> president trump having folks over this afternoon. the entire u.s. senate. for what could be a pretty revealing briefing on north korea. north and south korea have been carrying out military drills and some of the largest drills that peninsula has ever seen and we have a live report from north korea next. on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance.
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all right. a pretty unusual gathering at the white house this afternoon. the full senate being invited over for a briefing on the escalating tensions with north korea. the president, we are told, is expected to drop by this briefing. if you're wondering, house members will get their briefing on capitol hill. all of this is happening as the u.s. is now saying that its missile defense system or t.h.a.d. will be operational and that is much sooner than the previously stated goal of the end of the year. our will ripley is following this. >> here in north korea we saw a show of force and a triumphant announcement on state media of what they claim is the largest-ever military exercise and you have to see the pictures of the north korean leader kim jong-un presiding over this, 300
7:36 am
pieces of long-range artillery fired almost simultaneously along with submarines and bombers all of it designed to send a message to the united states and the trump administration that north korea is ready for war, something they view is a likely possibility given the heightened tensions right now. i had the rare opportunity to speak on the record just a short time ago with a north korean government official who told me that this country, just because they haven't conducted their sixth nuclear test just yet doesn't mean they're not going to do so. this official told me it is only a matter of time before they do conduct another nuclear test and launch more missiles. i asked if the delay, if the nuclear test has aren't happened yesterday as a result of increased pressure from the trump administration and the possibility of china exerting more economic fishment if they engage on a provocative act and the response i was given, absolutely not. external forces do not play a role in any of this and the united states needs to watch because they will be testing more nuclear weapons when they
7:37 am
see the time is right. the question, though, how will the trump administration respond? john and poppy? >> will ripley inside pyongyang in north korea. i want to bring in cnn global affairs analyst david roe. i know you work your sources in congress all of the time. the full senate going over to the white house this afternoon. this is a pretty unusual full senate briefing on the tensions in north korea. do you have any sense of what the senators want to or expect to hear from the white house today? >> i guess what they want to hear is sort of a clear strategy and was there some sort of assurance most importantly given by klechinese president xi to president bush. are they on the same page? is there a plan behind what is a lot of saber rattling by both sides by both the u.s. and north korea. >> so the ranking member of the senate foreign relations committee told us, he talked about wanting mature leadership on this issue and he defined
7:38 am
them by the articulation of a strategy. do you believe from the sources you've spoken with that the white house does have that strategy in place and that it will articulate it to the senators today and say here is our red line, for instance. >> several weeks ago the white house sort of -- there were press reports on them unveiling the strategy of maximum pressure on north korea and maximum engagement diplomatically and there was a problem that many of the senior positions both at the pentagon and the state department that deal with asia, the policy had not been filled by the administration and there is a disconnect there. there's a lot of theater going on and this is a very unusual briefing and it's partly designed to show north korea and china how seriously the trump administration is showing that their approaches to north korea and the big question remains, and it gets china to turn the economic screws. >> senator lindsay gram, a now
7:39 am
dinner guest of president trump, he wrote this yesterday and it's interesting, actually. he said president trump is not going to let the nutjob in north korea develop a missile with a nuclear weapon on top that can hit the united states. that's actually a pretty high bar right there. we know north korea is working to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile and we know they are working to develop nuclear warheads that fit on the missile. if lindsay graham says the president will not let that happen, it begs the question how? >> that is a big question and everything i'm hearing whether it's from the hill or anyone else in washington is that the administration wants to resolve this diplomatically and they see there could be some kind of partnership with china to resolve this without the use of force, and the danger is when you keep signaling things, you installed new missiles and you have the senate briefing and you have the carrier group headed there. could there be a mistake? again, there's no easy military solution to this. you could take out their nuclear facilities, but they would immediately carry out an
7:40 am
artillery strike on seoul killing thousands of civilians and that's why the north koreans demonstrated their artillery yesterday. >> david roe thank you so much for the analysis. >> still to come for us, in just hours the president will unveil what they promise to be the biggest tax cuts in american history. so the head of one of the biggest banks in america says hold on. make sure it's not just tax cuts. it has to be more. >> does it lap, if you were a betting man and you put your money on it, does it happen this year? >> i don't know if it's going to happen this year, but i believe it will happen. >> in this administration? in these four years? >> yeah.
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7:46 am
big news this morning from the treasury secretary, but the ceo of one of the biggest banks in america says it can't just be cuts. it has to be reform. does he think the white house can actually get it done? i asked him. >> what is the number one thing that you would like to see out of the trump administration this year? what action? >> so i'm informed in that answer by what our customers want. >> what do they want? >> the biggest issues that our customers have had both small business and consumers over the last few years has been taxes and health care system, and i'm hopeful that the administration will be able to address both those issues. >> let's talk about that hope because we saw what happened with health care reform. we'll see if it happens the second time around if they can get it through, but on tax reform, you have treasury secretary steve mnuchin coming out this week and telling "the financial times" that august deadline that they had set does not look realistic.
7:47 am
what makes you hopeful or are you hopeful that the trump administration will get com prehencive tax reform done, but actual reform. >> you hit the nail on the head it's more important to get tax reform than tax cut ps upon. >> tax cuts are great. who wants to may more taxes? nobody does, but would it be more important to make sure we get tax reform? i look at the eocd statistics that show us that in the u.s. we're 31 out of 35. just think about that. >> for corporate tax rates. >> yeah. just the whole tax system. >> okay. >> we're losing jobs and companies are moving overseas because we found ourselves because we haven't addressed it for 30 years. >> it's hard. >> we are number 31. who wants number 31? i don't. >> does it happen if you were a betting man and you put your money on it, does it happen this
7:48 am
year? >> i don't know if it's going to happen this year, but i believe it will happen. >> in this administration? in these four years? >> yes. >> what we know, talking about tax cuts and tax reform and what we know is the administration is proposing tax cuts for all businesses roughly, 15%. >> it would be good if it happens. >> it would be a flat-out tax cut for a whole lot of people. let's talk about this with mike at grats, and also with us jonathan gruber and economist professor at m.i.t. a >> during the break you say to me, tax cuts, they're easy and tax reform, that's hard and what we have here, just tax cuts. we do not see any plans to restructure where revenue is coming from or reshape the revenue collection process. is that a problem? would that be necessary to really change things in this country? >> tax cuts have been done more
7:49 am
than once. they're always supposed to pay for themselves and they never quite do, and the hard part is who are you going to get to pay for the tax cuts and that seems to be the great mystery of the day. as you know, ways and means chairman brady and paul ryan proposed taxing imports at the border as a way to pay for tax reform, but mr. trump and his advisers don't seem likely to go in that direction. >> it looks like the border adjustment tax is dead. >> dead. >> so, jonathan, one way you can pay for this stuff is if the economy grows gangbusters year on year for a long time and it's not like this hasn't happened before. it's happened under reagan and it happened after the tax cuts and the economy is different now and you have a much, much bigger national debt and mnuchin promised at least 3% annual growth. can it happen? >> look, we don't just have to have theoretical conjectures
7:50 am
here, we have at the national level and the state level that as he said, tax cuts don't pay for themselves. indeed, they don't come close to paying for themselves and if you look at the most rapid job growth since ronald reagan, it was under bill clinton who raised taxes on the rich. so i think the notion that this is going to cause massive increases in growth is wrong. indeed, if you look at a cut in the corporate tax rate, mostly what it does is stockholders who made investments, how does that increase growth? >> even if it does spur on growth, michael and jonathan was saying right there. it is dynamic scoring is the phrase in this administration, and if you cut taxes the economy will grow so much it would bring in more revenue. you've been at this for a long time. do you believe in the magic of dynamic scoring? >> i do believe there is some growth and economic growth is the driver of revenues in the federal government and the state
7:51 am
governments. what i'm worried about is turbo dynamic scoring which seems to be what some people have in mind which is to assume away all of the problems that you would have and economic growth will solve all of the problems and that's, as jonathan said, has been unrealistic in the past. >> jonathan, john and i are sitting up here wondering if it's actually democrats who pay more about debt and deficits and republicans at this point because this is a president who just last year said on cnn i am the king of debt and he a month ago told "the new york times" magazine, we're going to prime the company to get this economy going, in other words, spend money to make a lot of money in the future. correct me if that's not keynesian liberalism? >> the facts are clear and if you look at every president since ronald reagan, the deficit has gone up with republicans and down with the democrats. bill clinton brought it under surplus. barack obama brought it back under control. the old notions of fiscal
7:52 am
responsibility being the province of republicans is simply wrong and i think we need to stop applying a fiscal responsibility label to just call them taxes. let's just call them what they are, tax cutters and not fiscally responsible individuals. >> we wanted to give you a chance to defend there and i think there's enough fiscal irresponsibility to go around, politically speaking. >> well, sure, the democrats want to raise it by spending and the republicans want to raise it by tax cuts. nobody wants to pay for anything. i do think it's important to understand that we are now really hurting ourselves in the global economy by having a very high corporate tax rate. we have the highest in the world. we're creating incentives for people to borrow here and to put all their deductions in the u.s. and their being in abroad and
7:53 am
bridging down t bringing down the rate is someone everyone wants and it's time to bring down the tax rate. >> most democrats -- every democrat we've had on the show. >> they agree is just how much and how you will pay for it. >> before you go, paul ryan said something that struck us at the top of the hour. listen to this on health care. >> we want to give the states the ability to customize the reforms to maximize the ability to lower premiums and protect people with pre-existing conditions and that is exactly at the heart of what the macarthur amendment does. >> he's promising that this new deal that's being worked out between the tuesday group and freedom caucus would protect pre-existing conditions, no question. >> you are one of the architects of obamacare which did that. do you buy that argument because that's not how we read the agreement. this would give states these waivers to get out of that. >> you're absolutely right. look, let's be clear. people talk about pre-existing
7:54 am
conditions protection and tech likely that would stay, but it would actually go away. it would allow states to remove community rating which means insurers could now charge the sick many, many multiples the healthy. yes it could cover cancer and you could charge people $100,000 a month to cover it and how is that providing pre-existing condition protection? it's not. this is what's taking what's already a bad law and making it more discriminatory against the sick and we need to call them on that and be honest on the that. >> you're protecting people with pre-existing conditions and you can raise their premiums to infinity. is that protection? and that's a political argument. >> last word on obamacare. >> i think it will be very difficult to get the votes in the house just like it was before. everything that pleases the conservatives worries the moderates on the republican side, and it's a very difficult balancing act. >> moderates is where the game is right now. >> thank you guys, very much. >> michael, nice to have you and
7:55 am
thanks to you, as well. >> from running for president to running a baseball franchise. new reports that jeb bush is teaming up with derek jeter to buy the florida marlins. the details are next. terface isy intuitive. that's so important. ♪
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all right. derek jeter going from the dugout to retirement to the owner's box and he looks like he'll be joined by the former governor of florida. >> yep. andy scholes has more on the bleacher report. >> the future hall of famer and former republican presidential candidate jeb bush joining forces to buy the miami marlins. according to multiple reports jeter and jeb's group has won the bid to buy the team. the priss tag $1.3 billion. it's not a done deal by any means. the sale now must be approved by 70% of baebl's owners. jeb following in his brother's george w. bush's footsteps as he was part owner of the texas rangers and jeb is going to be the controlling owner of the marlins if the deal goes through. it's only april, but we may have the play of the year, tied 2-2 in the seventh. chris coglin, charging home and
8:00 am
he goes over molina, incredible play and the blue jays would go on to win 6-5 in extra innings and i don't know if there has ever been a better play by a runner to avoid a tag. >> i have never, ever seen anything like that. i don't want to quibble with you, andy scholes. thank you very, very much. >> and thank you all for joining us. >> i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm john berman. kate bolduan starts now. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan, the race for a win. president trump facing a pivotal day in the leadup to his 100th day in office from taxes to health care and a big meeting with the entire u.s. senate. that's coming up, but moments from now the president will be speaking live signing what's become a controversial executive order that would review past presidents' decisions to designate national mono


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